Space Clucks is the World’s First NFT Feature Film.

Mint to get your preferred character as you will be able to input your collected NFT in the film! Watch the movie how YOU want!

With a limited supply of 3,333 on Solana, you'll need to move quickly; you need the first Genesis NFT to get access to minting the other characters, exclusive access to view the film and exclusive airdrops!



SHIP CAPTAINStanding at 6 feet 9 inches. Winston "Marley" Jinkins was born in 1995. He's known to refer to the "Joe Rogan Podcast" daily, has a hell of a shot with a ray gun and thinks bubble gum should only be allowed to be in grape flavor.

Favorite Food : Junior Mints
Guilty Pleasure Song : No Diggity
Best Skill : Dad Jokes


q4 2021

  • V1 website/ launch socials
  • Full minting app
  • 3 main character reveals
  • Special airdrop for Genesis NFT holders
  • Hiring production team
  • Pre-production of film
  • Partnership announcements
  • KOL/Influencer program

q1 2022

  • V2 full website launch
  • 2 main character reveals
  • Script commissioning
  • Animation stage 1
  • Airdrop #2

q2 2022

  • Voice actor casting
  • Film production stage 1
  • Partnership annoucements
  • KOL/Influencer program V2

q3 2022

  • Film production stage 2
  • Animation stage 2
  • Voice actor recording sessions
  • “Spacedrop” for all NFT holders
  • Official trailer 1

q4 2022

  • Official trailer 2
  • Film production finalization
  • KOL/Influencer program V3
  • Film premiere
  • Film release Dec 25 on
  • digital portal